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Current Investment Opportunities

Wether you are an individual investor or would like to invest in one of our funds, you receive invaluable information from LandCo including valuations and investment plans for each and every property both currently on the market and available off market.  The success of our private and group investors has been the foundation of our growth.  Get in touch with us today to learn how our land investing works.

private agriculture investing

Typically long term additions to a private wealth management plan.  LandCo targets properties for this investment type with long term appeal and high return on immediate investment through farm income.

recreational land fund

Investment fund supported by private investors with short to moderate length maturities.  This fund focuses primarily on recreational land acquisitions that generate revenue through both agricultural practices and recreational leases or memberships.  Our success stems from discovering and acquiring undervalued or under utilized properties and implementing a quick but precise carrying plan and exit strategy.

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