12 Acre Lake for Lease | Fulton County, IL

12 Acre Lake for Lease

So I own this lake personally.  It is part of a farm that I purchased for family use a couple years ago.  But…last year I got caught up in a new project, Double Cluck, that has demanded most of my time.  So last year, I only got to hunt this farm once…for like 45 minutes with my 4 year old son…which turned into watching peppa pig in the duck blind (I did shoot a limit of mallards though :).  Problem is I cant bring myself to sell this farm…it is incredible. So I am going to lease a few pits out to help carry the farm until the Double Cluck project is complete.  So now I am looking to lease this lake.

There is not a blind currently on the lake.  But we were looking to put one on it this year.  It should be a pretty good lake for duck hunting.  About half of the lake is fairly shallow…under 6′ or so.  So the ducks have seemed to like it.  You will shoot some geese but I would guess more ducks than geese.  We have around 15 acres of flooded corn right next to this lake so the local population is pretty good.

This price does not include fishing but I would entertain something like that if someone wanted to lease out the lake the entire year.  I have not fished the lake personally but it has been the best largemouth lake on the property.  Several over 6 and a few over 7 were caught there last year.

Call/Email/Text me for more info.  $4,000 gets waterfowl rights for entire lake.   john@landco.com 309-256-0999

Fish Clip

Here is a quick clip of a nice fish my dad caught out there.  You can see the Lilly Pads in the background.  We thought about killing them off when we bought it but the fishing is so good we decided not to mess with it.   Top water machine! Frogs 🙂

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