160 Acres | Fulton County, IL

LandCo recently invested in a farm not too far from this one.  We bought it to use as a show piece…and a place to entertain clients.  At that point, this 160 acres was not available.  If it was, there is a good chance we would have shifted our focus to this tract.  Simply put, if we were still in the market for a piece of property, this tract would not be available. And frankly, if we had additional funds earmarked for land, we would probably still try to make this work.

Fortunately for our buyers, we are not in a position to buy it right now.  That means it is available to the public.  Here is what we like about it…it is about as good as it gets for waterfowl. Additionally, it has a private 10 acre lake and several ponds.  It also has access to an enormous lake on the south end that stretches over 1.25 miles! The newly constructed wetlands are incredible.  And the kicker on this tract is that it brings in around $20,000 annually in farm rent.  It has around 100 acres of tillable land.  Tracts like that are nearly impossible to find.

The newly constructed wetlands are cutting edge.  With over 1000 foot over buried tile connected to a nearby lake, each of the three wetlands fills and empties by gravity. No pumps involved.  Each cell has a blind in place WITH POWER! We ran ice eaters on each cell.  This farm started as 1300 acres and the blind on this tract killed the most birds.  Each cell has a agridrain gate valve box which allows you to control the water level nearly down to the inch!

It is only around 45 minutes from Peoria and sits only minutes from Canton.  It is super close to Cilco Lake (which never freezes) so the hunting stays consistent throughout the season.  There is a boat ramp in place to access the huge lake in the back.  There is also an opportunity to increase the size of the 10 acre private lake.  There is simply too much to write about.  This is a must see.  All of this and the farm returns around 2.5%!

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