Waterfowl Lease | Knox County, IL

Goose Pit Leases

Ok so there are too many options here to go through all of them. This place used to be run as a club but now it is owned by an individual.  It was not hunted at all last year and now he is open to leasing a few of the pits out.  I think there are a dozen or so pits.  Some field pits, some water pits.  Ideally, one group would lease several of them but he would entertain leasing a few of them out individually.  Fishing not included but could be negotiated for the right group.  There are five pretty big lakes on the property.  Location is outside elmwood…I can certainly get a map to serious parties. The entire farm is over 500 acres.  Im sure the owner would cut a pretty lucrative deal for a group wanting to lease the entire property.

Fill out the form below or call/text 309-256-0999 for more info.

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