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Premier Waterfowl Club

Upland Game Operation

100+ Acres of Managed Fishing Water

460 Acres in Production, CRP, or Upland Food Plots

60+ Acres of Water Controlled Plantable Wetlands

4 Bedroom Lodge

Huge Equipment Shed with Locker Rooms

5 Stand Shooting Course w/ additional 2 Thrower Wobble Station

22 Pits and Blinds in Place

Located in between Lakeland Park and Double T Conservation Area

Agent/Broker Interest in Property






I feel like I could write a novel on this property. I plan on doing a podcast very soon to give this property the time it deserves…so check this page for a podcast. If you are serious about learning more about the property, listen to the podcast, watch the video, and call me. There is literally too much to go over. No one is going to read that much 🙂

The bottom line is that it is the best all-around farm that we have seen or been a part of. The waterfowl is next level. 60+ acres of flooded food, 100 acres of deep water, power throughout the entire place with ice eaters and aerators everywhere. 22 pits and blinds. Pumps in place. Located inbetween Lakeland Park and Double T Conservation area. It’s just elite.

The fishing has been managed well before we were involved and it has proved to be excellent. 100+ acres of fishable water with the biggest lake being over 60 acres! Concrete boat ramps. If you are a fisherman, this property will get your blood going. Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Muskie, Tigers, Giant Bluegill and Crappie, Catfish. The lakes are so diverse that it offers nearly anything that you could imagine.

The upland has been surprisingly one of my favorite parts of the farm. I admittedly knew nothing about upland game before double cluck. The infrastructure here is legit…miles and miles up upland strips and food plots. The previous owners had released 1000 quail and 200 pheasants for years and years. We upped that to 1250 and 250 over the last three years. We also added a pen to hold birds for those that want a release hunt. This place has upland hunting like no place I have seen in Central Illinois.

4 bedroom lodge, equipment shed, 8 thrower solar power clay pidgeon course, city water, road and trails through the property, dove hunting, rabbit hunting. The snow geese have been hammering this property as long as we have been involved.

And on top of all of this, it provides incredible income. Depending on how much you take out for food plots, the farm has 400-460 acres on income-producing farmland. 57 Acres of that is grade A 140+ productivity index soils. It could be purchased as a club for additional income or it could be purchased as a family farm. I literally don’t know where to stop when talking about the property.

While we do not allow deer hunting, we routinely fine trophy sheds on the property. This farm is not a trophy deer farm…but it does provide enough whitetail hunting to add a nice bonus. Surely enough to harvest a nice deer year in and year out.

In addition to the podcast, video, pics, etc… visit www.doublecluckfarms.com, find Double Cluck Farms on Facebook and Instagram. And if you are looking for an elite waterfowl, fishing, or upland farm, call me. This property will surely excite you.

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