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We understand this is a scary agreement to sign.  In our eyes, it is only a commitment on your behalf to give us a shot to work for you.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you can terminate the agreement at any time no questions asked.


Our promise is that we will continue to strive to provide the greatest value possible to you.  And that comes from listening to your needs and providing valuable information in return.  We will work relentlessly until we find and purchase a property that meets your needs.  In the meantime, you will have access to our entire network and intellectual knowledge of the land market.

  • The purpose of this agreement is to establish an exclusive relationship between the buyer and broker whereas the buyer enlists the services of the broker which shall include, but not be limited to, researching, negotiating, and closing on a property. This agreement shall be in effect for one calendar year from the submission of this form unless terminated by either party.
  • Parties

  • Broker | John OReilly | Illinois Land Company Real Estate | 203 Eastgate Dr | Washington IL 61571
  • Terms

  • 1. Services Broker will work diligently to locate properties which meet the needs of the buyer, whether publicly (standard listing or auction) or privately available. Broker shall coordinate tours of targeted properties and negotiate on any property desired by the buyer. In the event the buyer wishes to pursue a property, broker shall negotiate on the buyers behalf and after executed contract to purchase real estate, shall coordinate a timely closing. BUYER IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE A PROPERTY Buyer agrees to work solely with Illinois Land Company during the length of this agreement. THE AGREEMENT MAY BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME BY EITHER PARTY FOR ANY REASON Buyer understands that broker may represent both buyer and seller in a transaction and will notify the buyer immediately in that situation and will serve each party honestly and fairly in accordance with Illinois Real Estate Law. 2. Compensation Buyer understands that a minimum charge of 3% will be paid to Illinois Land Company in the event of a successful closing. All attempts will be made to collect this fee from the seller but in the event that is not possible, the fee will be charged to the buyer.