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    Assure your farm enjoyment and hunting satisfaction by planting and maintaining your farm the right way.

    The equipment, knowledge, and experience to make your farm beautiful.

    Food Plots | Road Grading | Prairie Grass Planting | Wetland Planting | Farm Mowing | Spraying | Fertilizing



    Planting and Maintaining done the right way with the correct equipment.
    Our client base on the agricultural services side is dominated by long-time clients…clients that we have been working for years and years on end. The reason is simple…we know what it takes to do each job the right way, and we refuse to do it any other way. We have been planting and maintaining our own farms since our development days back in the early 2000’s. That experience has allowed us to establish the knowledge about the right way to attack each job, what equipment leads to the highest success for each job, and given us the skill to perform each job at the highest level.
    Each and every year we plant and manage over 800 acres including several test plots.
    This provides us with incredible real time knowledge on what is working and what is mostly hype in each recreational segment.

    Our clients expect the best. They want to step on their farm and be proud of what they own. If we don’t deliver that, we lose clients and hurt relationships. So we go to all ends to make sure our product and service is at a level that you simply wont find anywhere else.

    Equipment is such a big piece of the agricultural puzzle. Having the correct piece of equipment for each job ensures that it will be done right with the right operator.


    Perhaps no greater inefficiency exists in the agricultural service industry than trying to perform a service with inadequate or simply wrong equipment. Our fleet of equipment in the industry is unrivaled and can give you the confidence that each and every job is being per- formed with the most effective and efficient equipment.
    The last piece of the agricultural service puzzle is simply management and scheduling.
    An operator or company can
    do everything right at the early stages of a project, but completely derail by being disorganized and missing a step in a project, not looking at the forecast and planning ahead, or not being prepared with the right materials on a crunch. It seems like standard business but you can have absolute confidence that those issues will not happen with LandCo. We will manage the project from start to finish communicating with you on time-lines for each and every step along the way.
    Agricultural Services is what we live day in and day out. We own our own farms, manage farms for investors, maintain our listings… This is what we do on a daily basis. And our clients’ first impression of each farm we are own becomes our reputation. So we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of agricultural technology, testing new products on our own farm, educating ourselves on successful practices, and delivering a product that impresses everyone who sees it.


    We will be the first to admit that this isn’t the sexiest division in our company. But it’s one that many people overlook as a vital piece in the puzzle. For the most part, this is mindless work. Mowing the grass, spraying the fence lines, removing down trees, grading roads, fixing washouts, etc…but when everyone involved is not on the same page, it can create roadblocks to achieving your objectives. When you are trying to grow and hold trophy deer or pattern thousands of geese, the little things matter. What time to mow the grass, when to avoid being in the woods at all, limiting traffic…all of these things that most take for granted, we think about even when it comes time to think about basic farm maintenance.



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