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    Experience you can lean on to design and craft your land to suite your needs and expectations.

    A vision can only become a masterpiece when it is executed by talented individuals using the right equipment.

    Our excavation project portfolio represents well our commitment to land improvement and our attention to detail.  The quality of our work on today’s projects will lead us into tomorrow’s future clients.


    Leaning on decades of knowledge and individual success.

    While real estate brokerage continues to be the backbone of LandCo, our foundation and roots are in land development.  Since the early 2000’s we have designed and developed tens of thousands of acres of some of the best recreational properties across the Midwest.  We are honored and proud to have built a client base  that includes some of the most prominent farms in Illinois.  Our portfolio is littered with world class properties that we are proud to have designed and developed. 

    Like any successful project, excavation projects start with a well designed plan that will meet the objectives of the client and end user.  And like all industries, the more knowledge the designer has, the more comprehensive his or her plan can be.  We take great pride in immersing ourselves in all segments of land improvement to get a complete understanding of what the options and limitations are of each and every farm that we design.

    The next step in land construction projects is coordinating the efforts and time-line of each step of the project.  Nothing slows a project and increases unnecessary costs like an unprepared or undereducated project manager. 

    With a solid plan in place in terms of design and time-line, the last phase of our construction projects is the actual labor and excavation.  We manage each and every step of this process to assure that everything goes efficiently. 

    Our project portfolio represents our commitment to land improvement and our attention to detail.  We refuse to take shortcuts and promise to provide comprehensive plans on any project before one shovel hits the ground.

    – John OReilly | LandCo


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