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LandCo Vlog S3E3 | What Equipment We Use (and Recommend) to Film our Vlogs & Get Property Content

Stepping a bit outside what we typically vlog about. We get this question more than any other question when chatting with clients about...


Waterfowl Property Development Series | E3 – Wetland Construction Completed

In this episode, we go over the completed wetland construction and go over all the elements of our design!

Waterfowl Property Development Series | E2 – Wetland Design and Construction Update

In this episode, we take a look at where are wetland project sits and go over some potential changes to the project!


The Lynch Deer | 213 6/8″ Trophy Whitetail

In this episode, we sit down with Glen Lynch and chat with him about the entire process of pursuing this deer of a lifetime!...

LandCo Podcast | Matt Lynch Deer 2019

New Video Podcast Up! In this episode we chat with Matt Lynch again. This time it's about the deer that he shot! Nice...

Pheasant Release Video

Ever seen how we release our pheasant at Double Cluck? Here is a quick video of us releasing 50 pheasant in the middle of...


When it comes to waterfowl hunting, continued success is dependent on your commitment throughout the year - not just during the season. What we...
Whitetail hunting is much like many other aspects of life. The outside public sees the results but not the process. And it is our...

Top 10 Ways to Increase the Value & Enjoyment of your Farm

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How to Build a Great Fishery

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