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    Nothing brings us more satisfaction that seeing our clients experience lasting memories, and nothing creates more opportunities for that than waterfowl hunting well managed property.

    Thousands of acres under waterfowl management with thousands of birds harvested…all with unique management plans

    We will be honest with you about what we believe are achievable objectives and commit all of our resources to making them happen!


    Leaning on decades of knowledge and individual success.

    I will be the first person to downplay waterfowl kill counts.  We just do not believe that harvest numbers tell the full story of a project or property. The camaraderie and bonding that happen in a duck blind or goose pit is the inspiration that continues to drive us.  But the bottom line is that designing and constructing habitat and a management plan that produces consistent harvest opportunities creates more memories.  We are incredibly proud of our ability to make this happen on a wide variety of property types. 

    Waterfowl design and management brings a level of satisfaction that I get from no other land service.  In most cases, it is creating habitat to attract a species that has literally never stepped foot on that property.  Watching thousands of mallards drop into a wetland that you designed and built brings an unparalleled satisfaction.  Witnessing that satisfaction is the pinnacle of success for us when it comes to whitetail design and management.

    Like any of our services, the first step in this service involves information gathering.  We honestly evaluate your property to see if it has the potential for waterfowl.  While many properties do not have the capabilities to create waterfowl habitat, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to create waterfowl habitat.  It is during this stage that we also discuss objectives.  These happen simultaneously because they often work hand in hand.

    We need to evaluate your property while discussing objectives to determine if your property has the potential to meet those objectives.  Ultimately, during this step we evaluate the potential of your property to see if it meets the potential the clients envisions.  Once we determine potential and expectations, this service follows the path of all of our services.  We determine objectives for the project that we can lean on to determine success or failure.  Here at LandCo, we are huge advocates of self awareness and honesty. Determining success or failure on a project allows us to provide honest and valuable feedback when it comes to later stages of a project.  We do not let our pride get in the way of a rational decision.  If a waterfowl consultant says that he or she has never had to realign management practices or pivot on construction plans, then they simply are not being honest.   Waterfowl design and management is an ongoing process that we are committed to. While the design and construction of waterfowl habitat is the foundation of your success, a management and hunting plan has a monumental impact on your ability to create continuous and constant memorable hunts. We look at expected population and expected turn over of birds and align that with the objectives to create a hunting and management plan that we believe will allow us to achieve our objectives. 

    – John OReilly | LandCo



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