Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    • Terms of Agreement

      The following referral agreement is subject and conditional upon the following terms and conditions.
    • Terms and Conditions.

      If all of the following terms and conditions are satisfied, you will receive a fully executed agreement within 48 hours of this submission.

      1) The referred client must be new to LandCo. If LandCo has already been in communication with the client, this agreement is void. LandCo must prove that they have already been in contact with the client within 48 hours.

      2) The referred client must acknowledge and confirm that he/she has a relationship with the referring broker.

      Referral Fee

      LandCo agrees to pay a 25% referral fee on all qualifying referrals. The 25% only applies to the portion of the commission dedicated to the selling or buying commission. EX: If a qualifying buyer referral is submitted, that referring agent will be entitled to 25% of the buyer side commission on a resulting sale.
    • By signing this document, you agree to all the terms and conditions.