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    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 2 : Lake Audits

    Hey Guys…back at it again this week with another episode from the series How to Build a Great Fishery.  This week, we are joined by Fishery Biologist Greg Grimes. Greg has managed many projects for us and our clients.  His educational and real world knowledge are simply unmatched.  Hope you enjoy this episode as he explains what a Lake Audit is and why everyone needs one as the first step in determining what needs to be done to achieve your goal.  I have done audits on several of my lakes and they are incredibly interesting.  Hope you enjoy! We will be back next week with an episode on the importance of removing fish (catch and release is a myth on these private lakes!).

    Here is a link to Gregs page on Lake Audits with some great info!


    John OReilly
    John OReilly
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