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    LandCo Podcast | Rut Report 11.20.19 w Matt Lynch

    Busting out a few podcasts today with Matt Lynch. Love this new format where we can record them remotely and video them at...

    Mesmerizing 4k Drone Footage of Snow Geese at the LandCo Farm

    The LandCo Farm was absolutely piled up with snow geese this past week. We got some absolutely mesmerizing footage when the birds decided to...

    Introduction: Upcoming 9 Part Podcast Series on Lake Management – Creating a Great Fishery

    Hey Guys! Super excited to release our first podcast series! We are planning on doing three or four of these this year.  We will...

    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 1 – Defining Lake Goals

    Excited to release part 1 of our first ever podcast series.  This one is going to walk you through the process of defining specific...

    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 2 : Lake Audits

    Hey Guys...back at it again this week with another episode from the series How to Build a Great Fishery.  This week, we are joined...

    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 3 – Removing Fish

    Part 3 now available! In this episode, we chat with special guest Nate Herman about the importance of removing fish. Catch and Release has...

    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 4 – Lake Stocking

    Back at it with another episode from the Lake Management Series.  In this weeks episode we tackling the issue of lake stocking with fish...

    How to Build a Great Fishery | Part 5 – Fish Feeding (Natural and Supplemental)

    Back at it again with another podcast episode in the Lake Management Series! This week we tackle the issue of fish feeding with Nate...


    Top Ten Ways to Increase the Value & Enjoyment of Your Farm

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    How to Build a Great Fishery

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