Sunday, May 26, 2024


    LandCo Duck Hunt 11.11.22 | Fulton County Illinois

    In this episode, we head out to one of our farms in Fulton County and hunt some flooded corn! Such a fun hunt. ...

    What happens when you cut your sunflowers too early?

    I have never hunted with anyone that doesn't love dove hunting. But few people plant sunflower fields for doves. I get it though....

    3 Most Common Down Payment Strategies for Land Purchases

    As in nearly every industry, the entry-level conversation starts with a budget.  How much money have you earmarked for land investment? But that is...

    LandCo Podcast | Matt Lynch Deer 2019

    New Video Podcast Up! In this episode we chat with Matt Lynch again. This time it's about the deer that he shot! Nice...

    The Lynch Deer | 213 6/8″ Trophy Whitetail

    In this episode, we sit down with Glen Lynch and chat with him about the entire process of pursuing this deer of a lifetime!...

    Pheasant Release Video

    Ever seen how we release our pheasant at Double Cluck? Here is a quick video of us releasing 50 pheasant in the middle of...

    One Group of 6 Geese. 3 Hunters. 3 Limits. 6 Bands. Thats the story I got 🙂

    Shot late season at Double Cluck! Wish I was there.

    Mesmerizing 4k Drone Footage of Snow Geese at the LandCo Farm

    The LandCo Farm was absolutely piled up with snow geese this past week. We got some absolutely mesmerizing footage when the birds decided to...


    Top Ten Ways to Increase the Value & Enjoyment of Your Farm

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    How to Build a Great Fishery

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