Waterfowl Property Development Series | E1 – Introduction to the Series

Hey Guys! We are back at it with another Podcast Series! In this series we are going to track along side the process of...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 10 – Oct/Nov/Dec

The waterfowl season is here! In this episode, we chat about our experiences throughout the waterfowl season1

Year Round Whitetail Hunter | Episode 10 – The Whitetail Hunting Season

The final episode of the Year Round Whitetail Hunter is up and live! Take a listen and hear how Ryan and Matt went about...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 8 & 9 – August & September

In this episode, I chat with Jody about what we have up to the last few months as we prepared for the upcoming waterfowl...

Year Round Whitetail Hunter | Episode 9 – September

Episode 9 up and live! Next month the season starts!

Year Round Whitetail Hunter | Episode 7/8 – July & August

We fell behind a bit so we decided to combine July and August! In this episode we chat about trail cameras and prepping/planting fall...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 6 & 7 – June & July

OK...so we got so far behind last month that we just combined June and July! We are in the middle of planting and dirt...

Year Round Whitetail Hunter | Episode 6 – June

Ryan, Matt, and I connect remotely and discuss what those two have been up to in June to improve their hunting this coming fall!...


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