Wednesday, July 24, 2024


    LandCo Vlog S3E3 | What Equipment We Use (and Recommend) to Film our Vlogs & Get Property Content

    Stepping a bit outside what we typically vlog about. We get this question more than any other question when chatting with clients about...

    LandCo Vlog S3E2 | Creating a Hybrid Lake (Fishing & Waterfowl)

    Hey Guys! Back with another episode! In the episode we explore a unique and experimental project we have going on at the landco farm...

    LandCo Vlog S3E1 | Late Season Goose Hunt on the 585 Acre Listing in Fulton County

    Hey Guys! Season 3 of the Vlog!!! How cool is that.  On this episode we travel to the 585 Acre listing we have in...

    LandCo Vlog | S2E11 – Electrofishing Trip

    I know I know...we got the episode numbers screwed up.  Accidentally had two episode 9s 🙂 Onward and upward! The next one will be...

    LandCo Vlog S2E9 | Banding Geese

    Hey Guys! In this episode, we take a closer look at how the state bands geese.  Over the past few years, they have banded...

    LandCo Vlog S2E9 | Building a Dock

    Hope you guys like this episode.  We have been building docks for years but rarely market them.  They are a super cool way to...

    LandCo Vlog S2E8 | Planting an Apple Orchard

    In this weeks vlog, we take a peak at a recent apple orchard project! This project was in Fulton County and we planted around...

    LandCo Vlog | Wetland Construction Project

    In the Vlog episode we take a look at a really cool wetland project we just completed.  This one had a primary goal of...


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