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    Double Cluck | New LandCo project offering premier hunting and fishing memberships


    We are super excited to announce that LandCo, with an investing partner, have purchased Double Cluck Farms located in Canton Illinois. Double Cluck is a premier hunting and fishing club encompassing nearly 1000 acres.  We were planning on waiting to make this announcement until we had all of the marketing material finished, but we have been so busy with the early spring and increased demand for memberships that we are only about half way done with all the material…so stay tuned for more to come.  But since spring is approaching, we decided to move forward with the news and update you as new information and material becomes available.  So here is a quick overview on Double Cluck, our plans, and what it means for our clients…

    In the fall of 2016 LandCo, along with an investor, purchased Double Cluck Farms.  We have had our eyes on this property for the last 3 or 4 years. We believe it increases our offering to our clients and allows us to be a more complete land brokerage.  Double Cluck gives us the ability to offer hunting and fishing memberships in addition to our traditional land sales.  We believe this fills a big gap in our offerings.  Clients who are waiting patiently for the right property can now step in to Double Cluck so they can continue hunting and fishing while they look for land.  It also allows a certain portion of our clients an opportunity to join a fishing and hunting club to get a feel for exactly what they want in a property.  Lastly, for those that arent ready to purchase a property, or dont have the time to invest into a private property, this allows them a great opportunity to enjoy some of the finest hunting and fishing the midwest has to offer! Lastly, it allows us to showcase to clients some of the things that you can do to improve properties…and see first hand the results of those projects.

    Double Cluck encompasses right around 985 Acres. It is one of the most amazing properties that we have seen.  There are dozens of lakes totaling over 120 acres, 60+ Acres of flooded corn,  360 Acres of row crops,  100+ of upland habitat and foodplots,  a 4 bedroom lodge, and an equipment shed with a locker room for the members. It has been under strict management over the last decade or so and the results have been superb.  All of the large lakes have concrete ramps and the entire property is accessible through an interior road/trail system.

    The fishing has been managed for years and with 20+ lakes, it offers some of the best fishing we have seen in Illinois.  We haven’t owned the property yet for a fishing season so we don’t have much material but we are already starting to get into some monster fish this year already! We offer both weekday and full week memberships. Full week memberships come with boat storage as well.  All the big lakes have concrete boat ramps.  If you are interested in fishing, we suggest calling immediately 🙂 There are only a handful of memberships left.

    Waterfowl hunting is the backbone of Double Cluck.  There are 22 pits and blinds, 60+ acres of flooded corn, and 360+ acres of field hunting opportunities. The property is sandwiched in between a park and double t conservation area…the location couldn’t be better.  The property has been stablished so long that the ducks and geese have truly imprinted to the location.  It holds thousands and thousands of birds annually.  The hunting is as good as we have seen.  Again, we don’t have much material.  Here is a video we shot from one hunt last year…

    The upland hunting at Double Cluck is outstanding.  We acknowledge that this is Illinois here…not South Dakota.  But…for Illinois, the upladn hunting is phenomenal.  We have 100+ acres of foodplots and crp grass strips that offer great upland opportunities.  Since this is Illinois, we do have to supplement the population.  We release 800 quail and 200 pheasant a year.  However, our best guess is that half of the birds we shoot are are wild (or have survived over a year).  Upland memberships alone are sold out but there are a few Full Memberships and Full Hunting Memberships remaining that include upland hunting.  Check out this video from one of our upland hunts last fall!

    We are in the process of adding a 5 stand shooting coarse with an additional double wobble trap setup.  It is state of the art.  Members will buy preloaded cards and can access and shoot the stations whenever they want.  Simple as that.  This is a new project so we will add more material as we get it! However, here is the design concept!

    This is what separates us from every other club in Illinois.  We acknowledge that Double Cluck is not a club for everyone.  It is elite.  It offers things that no other club offers. And we charge for that.  This club is for those that want the best and are willing to pay the best.  That is our model.  Memberships include guides, dogs, bird cleaning, lodging, etc… It includes it all.  Want to go hunting in a few hours? Text the guide and he will have everything set up and ready to for you.  He will have his dog ready and call for you if needed.  In a hurry to leave? He will pick up the decoys, clean the birds for you, and have them ready for you in the freezer the next time you are at the club.  Want to bring a few people upland hunting but dont have a dog? No prob, the guide will line up a pointing or flushing dog and guide you to the best parts of the property.  It is truly that elite.  Have a unique request, we will do everything we can to make it happen.  We are a members needs first club.

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