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    EHD Back in Central Illinois?

    LandCo friend Tyler Rector, ProStaffer for, posted a pic of this buck he found on his property in Fulton County. Clearly looks like a case of EHD…hope it isnt as widespread as it was in years back. Last year, there were over 700 reported deaths from EHD…a number that I believe is low. I know personal landowners in the state that lost a dozen or more deer on individual farms.

    Illinois DNR defines EHD as a viral disease, spread by tiny biting gnats, which can cause high fever and severe internal bleeding in deer. While often fatal in deer, EHD is not hazardous to humans, livestock or pets. EHD is related to, but not the same as “blue tongue,” which affects sheep and cattle. Domestic animals can be infected but rarely develop serious illness, according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

    Symptoms of EHD in deer may include sluggishness, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, salivation, a high fever and swelling of the head, neck, tongue or eyelids. Infected animals will seek water and are often found close to ponds, lakes and creeks.

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