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    Illinois Recreational Tax Law and Options to Reduce Your Taxes

    Hey Guys…in this episode I sit down with DNR Employee and District Wildlife Biologist Kevin Oller to discuss the relatively new Illinois Recreational Tax Law and we discuss options landowners have to lower their property taxes if the county accesses them with Recreational Taxes.

    This has become a point of concern for many buyers but in our world, it has just become another issue that we must address on our way to successful land investing.  We have employed each and every method we discuss in this episode.

    We kept this discussion pretty informal and more theoretical in nature but I think it will be helpful to those who have concern or are unfamiliar with new tax issue.  Hope you like it.  Thanks again Kevin Oller for stopping by and helping us out on this! Kevin is a great asset if you are looking to develop a wildlife plan on your property to lower your taxes!


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