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    New LandCo Listing: 50 Acres in Knox County, IL

    Check out this tract. This is actually owned by Herman Brothers Pond Management and they have done a ton of work…food plots, tower blinds, etc. The propeprty is in CREP and comes out of the program in 35 years when you can harvest the timber!

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    Read Nate’s full description below.

    The middle of the spoon river is the property border along the east edge for about ½ mile. It is one of the best bank lining stretches of the river for Catfish. It is one of the longest, straightest stretches of the spoon!)

    Court Creek is the border to the south and that is the creek that comes off of Oak Run Spillway. Right where the creek enters the spoony is great walleye fishing in the fall. Also that spot is THE BEST SMALLMOUTH BASS fishing in the whole spoon river when the smallies go up court creek to spawn in April and May!

    This is the perfect small farm for a family with children to get involved in the outdoors. This place has boyscout written all over it! Established Campsite area in the timber along Court Creek! Great canoeing, boating, and fishing opportunities on the spoon river; along with seining, creek fishing, camping and playing in the clear waters of Court Creek.

    The trails are ready for ATV rides and the food plots and deluxe tower blinds are ready for hunting this fall! The stands and trail cameras come with the property. Heavy Deer travel route along court creek and there is a dynamite pinch point where the spoon river and court creek converge!

    Right in the backyard of Oak Run, this property is perfect to give your family some room to roam and explore the great outdoors. Hunt, Fish, Camp, and Ride on this fun recreational tree farm!

    40 acres of the property is planted with 15 yr old oaks, walnuts, pecans, and many more types of trees. It is enrolled in the CREP program for 35 more yrs. Growing in the fertile Spoon River Valley, those trees and then the land will be worth big money once the program contract expires. Have fun while sitting on a super investment!

    Food Plots and Trails can be planted and utilized on the 40 acres of trees. The habitat is currently perfect for whitetail deer, but as the trees mature, the property will transform into a real GEM… We were planning to add 1 acre of food plot every fall to keep up with the growing deer population. During the rut, Court Creek and Spoon River are the place for GIANT bucks to roam.

    · Motivated Seller! Asking Price : $2800 per acre ($138,875)

    · Building Site w/Electric and water perfect for hunting garage or cabin

    · 40 acres of CREP Tree Program with Walnuts, Oaks, Pecans.

    · CREP Contract Expires in 35 yrs and allows for timber harvest!

    · Great Investment Farm with Super Low Taxes!

    · Taxes are only $135 per year

    · Established Trails and Food Plots

    · Perfect ATV riding or Horseback riding!

    · 2 Deluxe Hunting Towers

    · 2 Tree Stands

    · 1 Trail Camera

    · 100% ready to hunt!

    · Signed Contract gets you hunting rights even before closing!



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