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    Round Table Discussion | Current Inventory 10/25/2017

    Hey Guys, super excited to publish our first podcast.  Right now our plan is to have to formats of Podcasts.  The first are something we are currently calling Inventory Round Table Discussions, where we will dissect and analyze new land listings…just like we would internally or with our clients.  The second format will just be individual topics that are relevant to land investing and ownership. It is our hope that the former will provide valuable information to people currently in the market for land.  The latter aims to bring value to both people looking for land and existing land owners! We hope you like it.  We have several cool shows in minds that we expect to tackle soon. If you have any topics that you would like us to discuss, hit us up on the website…

    Show Notes/Links: Inventory Round  Table Discussion

    Here are links to the farms we discussed.  If you are interested in checking any of them out, we would love to set that up and represent you in the purchase of your farm.  If you would rather deal with the listing broker, you can get that info from the links below.

    Farm 1:

    Farm 2:

    Farm 3:

    Farm 4:

    Farm 5:

    Farm 6:



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