Tuesday, April 16, 2024


    Property Development | North Creek

    Property: 1600 Acres in Knox County Goal: Create a pristine luxury property with premier trophy whitetail hunting, duck hunting, and fishing.

    LandCo Vlog S3E2 | Creating a Hybrid Lake (Fishing & Waterfowl)

    Hey Guys! Back with another episode! In the episode we explore a unique and experimental project we have going on at the landco farm...

    Road Construction & Rock Grading Project

    An old farm road that needed repaired and upgraded! Because of the existing hard base, we opted to skip the underlayment and go straight...

    Pond Restoration Project

    Super cool pond restoration project where we took an old cattle leaky cattle pond and turned it into a beautiful lodge site! Check out...

    Trail Construction Project

    This is a quick 30 second facebook video we put together from a trail project we recently completed for a client up in North...

    Rock Delivery and Grading for Pole Frame Building

    This was for a client in Peoria County‚Ķthis is stage one of this project in terms of rock delivery and grading.  During this stage...

    Lake Site Analysis | Shooting Lake Elevations

    Lake site analysis can be the most important step in the lake construction process.  During this step we take a look at the feasibility...

    Road Repair, CRP (Brush Mowing), & Creek Crossings

    Hey Guys, That winter to spring transition can be an odd time to get projects going.  Take a look at this vlog where we cover...


    Top Ten Ways to Increase the Value & Enjoyment of Your Farm

    Podcast Series

    How to Build a Great Fishery

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