Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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    Waterfowl Property Development Series | E5 – Project Updates (Clam Lake, Filling Wetlands, Hunting)

    It's hunting season! We are getting our first look at some of the new wetlands! And its decision time on some of our projects...

    Waterfowl Property Development Series | E4 – Project Updates (Power, Upland License, Wetlands)

    In this episode, we chat about a few projects we have going on at our new waterfowl property! We chat about getting power to...

    Waterfowl Property Development Series | E2 – Wetland Design and Construction Update

    In this episode, we take a look at where are wetland project sits and go over some potential changes to the project!

    Waterfowl Property Development Series | E1 – Introduction to the Series

    Hey Guys! We are back at it with another Podcast Series! In this series we are going to track along side the process of...

    Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 1 – January

    This series has been on our minds for years! Finally it has landed! We hope you enjoy the first episode where we chat with...

    Property Review | 89 Acres in Fulton County

    In this listen we break down our new 89 acre listing in Fulton County. Hint - if you are in the market for...

    LandCo Announces Revolutionary New Marketing Concept

    We fully expect this to change the course of land marketing, sales, and development. While many ask themselves 'what can we do better...

    Year-Round Whitetail Hunter | Episode 1 – January

    We are excited to release the first episode of our Year Round Whitetail Hunter Series! In this episode, I chat with Ryan and Matt...


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    How to Build a Great Fishery

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