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The Year-Round Waterfowler

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 5 – May

May is up and live! Jody and I sit down and chat about the rain filled month of May and what we did to...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 4 – April

April's episode is up and live! Check it out. In this episode, we again sit down with Jody Graff and chat about what...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 3 – March

A little late to the table with the March episode but here it is! We are getting super close to planting season!

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 2 – February

Sit down with Jody to go over what we have been doing in February...already in anticipation for the upcoming fall waterfowl season! Take a...

Year-Round Waterfowl Hunter | Episode 1 – January

This series has been on our minds for years! Finally it has landed! We hope you enjoy the first episode where we chat with...

The Year-Round Waterfowler | Introduction to the Series

Another look at an upcoming podcast series! In this series we take a look at the monthly activities of waterfowl hunters who continue to...


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