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    5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling Your Farm in CRP

    Back at it with another podcast! This is just an individual topic where we take a look at what a landowner should consider before...

    LandCo Vlog S3E2 | Creating a Hybrid Lake (Fishing & Waterfowl)

    Hey Guys! Back with another episode! In the episode we explore a unique and experimental project we have going on at the landco farm...

    Pheasant Release Video

    Ever seen how we release our pheasant at Double Cluck? Here is a quick video of us releasing 50 pheasant in the middle of...

    One Group of 6 Geese. 3 Hunters. 3 Limits. 6 Bands. Thats the story I got 🙂

    Shot late season at Double Cluck! Wish I was there. https://fb.watch/7UtciOtlMZ/

    Mesmerizing 4k Drone Footage of Snow Geese at the LandCo Farm

    The LandCo Farm was absolutely piled up with snow geese this past week. We got some absolutely mesmerizing footage when the birds decided to...

    Top Ten Ways to Increase The Value and Enjoyment of Your Farm | Part 10 – General Maintenance

    Last episode of the series.  We hope you guys have enjoyed the series and we already have the next one in the works! It...

    LandCo Vlog S3E1 | Late Season Goose Hunt on the 585 Acre Listing in Fulton County

    Hey Guys! Season 3 of the Vlog!!! How cool is that.  On this episode we travel to the 585 Acre listing we have in...

    Top Ten Ways to Increase the Value and Enjoyment of Your Farm | Part 9 – Invasive Species Removal

    Getting close to the end of this series! In this weeks episode we take a look at invasive species removal.  If you are in...


    Top Ten Ways to Increase the Value & Enjoyment of Your Farm

    Podcast Series

    How to Build a Great Fishery

    Podcast Series


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